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DL380 - MDS600

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DL380 - MDS600


The technology:
I have a HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8
with a Smart Array P420 controller to which 2 HP 146 GB 6 G SAS 15 k are connected  as RAID 1
and a Smart Array P822 / 2 GB FBWC 6 GB SAS
to which a HP MDS600 with 36 x 2 TB 6 GB LFF SAS should be connected with 4 Mini-SAS cables.
All 36 disks shall be interconnected as a RAID 60 (two RAID 6 in a RAID 0).

The question:
How do I distribute the hard disks in the two slots of the MDS600 best?
Which of the 8 ports on the MDS600 shall I use to connect to the 4 ports on the P822 to get the best performance?

I would like to get the maximum speed.

Thanks in advance
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Re: DL380 - MDS600



 As pre my understanding on  the question, you cannot allocated hard drives in the MDS600 , the connection can be made through the  Primary I/O module (MDS600 Drawer 1) and  Primary I/O module (MDS600 Drawer 2)


 Primary I/O module (MDS600 Drawer 1) - 35 drives

 Primary I/O module (MDS600 Drawer 2) - 35 drives


Only Maximum of two port on a P822 can be utilized for a single MDS600


Performance based on the P822 is based on the spec 


  • 6 Gb/s SAS technology delivers up to 600 MB/s per physical link.
  • 6 Gb/s SATA technology delivers up to 600 MB/s for directly attached SATA drives.

Optimal performance is RAID 0 without any drive redundancy and rest is subjective to the RAID levels base of parity distribution