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DL380 - No Monitor Display - No Network - Help!

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DL380 - No Monitor Display - No Network - Help!

We have a DL380 running WServer2003 SBS, this acts as our primary domain controller. We powered down yesterday, now when we try to start it all the lights come on (but are dull not bright green) and you can hear the drives running and the fans but we have no monitor display and it is not booting up correctly as the network can't see it and the DHCP is not working.
As this controls our entire network I'm panicking that the board has blown.
Has anybody seen this problem before??
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Re: DL380 - No Monitor Display - No Network - Help!

If the server is still under warranty or is covered by a hardware support agreement, now it's time to open a support call and let HP (or whatever is the company providing the service to you) do the worrying.

Panicking and asking for advice from random people on the Internet are not going to fix the problem.

If you don't have any kind of hardware support, you've taken a business risk... which may have just been realized in a most unpleasant manner.

Dull LEDs and no display would most likely indicate a serious problem with the system board. Another possibility would be undervoltage from the power supplies - but then I think the system should not be powering up at all.

A complete replacement of a DL380 system board by a competent service person should take only about half an hour at most. The new system board will detect the existing SmartArray RAID configuration from the disks and you'll be back in business.

By the way, you should specify the generation number of your server. There are at least 6 generations of DL380 out there: all of them have the same form factor but very different insides.