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DL380 Post Device : Post Test {Error}

David Brewer_1
Occasional Visitor

DL380 Post Device : Post Test {Error}

I have a DL380 G3 which a HP engineer was kind enough to replace the system board and Back Pane for because the server was hanging during boot up.

I have run the smart start CD through the system and done a diagnostics test and every thing passed except for:

Post Device : Post Test {Failed}

This is the same message irrelivant of how many times we change the system board ( The HP engineer didnt think so, and hes gonna replace the board again :( )

Now little old me figures this is a BIOS (might be wrong). Yet Ive had the system board replaced (twice in one day) and they are coming back with another today (15/02/05)

Can any one provide me with what HP means by this error message and what HP is refering to?

Its a virtual device, and if its a BIOS, would it be the RAID BIOS?

This would help me sort this issue as the servers been down for two days and im way over my SLA.

Email me:

Many Thanks

Kai-Uwe Schurig
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 Post Device : Post Test {Error}

Are there any numeric error codes or beep codes?
Any third party hardware installed? If yes, try removing this temporarly.

Have a look at the "HP Server Troubleshooting Guide" at:

or at the "ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide" at:

Both document have a overview for all common POST events and other useful information and troubleshooting hints.

Also the "ProLiant DL380 G3 Maintenace and Service Guide" is worth a look:

Good luck!