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DL380 RIS Problems

Matt Pollard
Occasional Visitor

DL380 RIS Problems


We have recently upgraded our RIS server from a celeron desktop box with external array to a DL380 but are experiencing a problem with it.
The old box running 2003 server with a 3com NIC works fine as does an old P4 test box, but the DL380 will not work outside its own subnet (PXE Error 53 - no boot file found).

There are no errors in the event logs, its registered with the DHCP server and works on its local subnet.
The IP helpers have been added to the routers and DNS entries are fine.

Does anyone else have any problems or a solution with this box?

Matt Pollard
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 RIS Problems


Tree spanning is off and portfast is on.
There is also only one NIC connection to the box (even tho it has 2 NICs) and it has been tried at both 1gb/s & 100mb/s (the switch works with the old box).
The new server is running 2003 server too.