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DL380 SCSI hard drive status LEDs

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DL380 SCSI hard drive status LEDs

I have a number of DL380G3s that have six 36GB 15k SCSI hot-swap drives installed and are configured in duplex mode. All of the six disks are configured as part of one of three arrays (using on-board Smart Array 5i). I expected to see the 'online' LED permanently illuminated but this is not the case. On one server only one if the drives has this LED lit whereas, on another, four of the six are illuminated. There appear to be no faults - the activity lights work, it is just the Online LED that never appears to show. Could this be a firmware issue or related to the duplex configuration? Any advice appreciated...
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 SCSI hard drive status LEDs

Hello Shane,
It is possible that the firmware of those drives needs to be updated.

Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 SCSI hard drive status LEDs

Hi Shane,

Please get HP to check this out by logging a call. There have been a few instances where the LED's are missing or damaged on the G2/G3 drive backplanes, caused either by manufacturing or damage in transport. Although this is a cosmetic issue (I.E. The drives work perfectly OK), it will have to be swapped as you may not be able to tell visually when a drive fails (If the Fault LED is missing for example).

If you shut the system down and pull out one of the drives which is not correct, you may be able to see on the backplane that the LED's are missing. Compare it to a known good drive. The drives don't have LED's, they have fibre pipes which get illuminated by the 3 LED's on the backplane. Each drive bay has a set of 3 LED's.

If necessary log 3 calls and get HP Spare part number 289552-001 issued on each call. (LVD SCSI Backplane Simplex/Duplex -6 drive bay).

I hope this helps. A simple visual check should confirm the problem.


Re: DL380 SCSI hard drive status LEDs


Thanks for the replies. Turns out that the LEDs on the backplane are indeed the cause of the problem.