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DL380 - SNMP crashes no matter what

Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

DL380 - SNMP crashes no matter what

Hi, previously I posted a few weeks back about an issue with SNMP crashing continuously in Windows 2003 on one of my DL380s. I got tired of trying to resolve the issue so I went back to Win2k server, which the server prevuiously ran for quite some time without any issues.

Now I noticed right after install the SNMP agent would crash, just as it did in Win2003.

What I have found out is if I remove the agent and reboot the machine, then install SNMP it will operate just fine until the server is rebooted again. In which case I have to go through the steps of removing, rebooting and then installing SNMP all over again.

We have no issues with any of our other DL380s with SNMP. In fact the setup procedure for all these servers is pretty much standard.

Does this make sense for SNMP to just fail no matter what the OS is? After the first install I reloaded the OS and still had the same issue. These servers use the onboard RAID controller with no other cards or devices attatched.