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DL380 Smart Array 5i Ready for rebuild

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DL380 Smart Array 5i Ready for rebuild

I have a Proliant DL380 G2 with a Smart Array 5i Controller Firmware 2.38 running Netware 6.5 and controlling 36.4 GB Ultra3 SCSI 10k drives. Four of these drives are in a raid 5 and one of them failed about a week back. I replaced this drive with a 36.4 GB ULTRA320 SCSI 15K drive because I had one in stock. My HP Sim software was still saying after a week that this drive was still rebuilding. I rebooted my server and hit F1 for auto rebuild but had no luck. Thinking that this drive was not somehow compatible and since I now had my replacement drive a 36.4 GB Ultra SCSI 10k drive in stock, Yesterday I removed the Ultra320 and replaced it. This morning I again rebooted my server and hit F1 for auto rebuild. I also bumped up the priority on the Netware via the Smart Array Configuration Utility from Low to Medium. This was an hour ago. HP Sim still states it is rebuilding and the drive light it self is not solid green it just flashes from time to time. If this does not rebuild after and hour or so what should my next steps be?
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Re: DL380 Smart Array 5i Ready for rebuild

this fw release fixes this issue. you should run it from the 7.40B firmware cd so you can update the embedded controlelrs on the hard drives. but if you update the array controller just by its self it may just fix. please assign points.

here is link to FW upgrade. can be ran online but wont take affect until next reboot.