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DL380 SmartStart "Preparing Drive" stage - HOW LONG !?!!!

Silas Murray
Occasional Contributor

DL380 SmartStart "Preparing Drive" stage - HOW LONG !?!!!


During the "Preparing Drive" stage of Smartstart 7, our DL380 with 3x73GB drives (Raid 5 on a smart array 641 controller), has displayed the hourglass for over 20 hours. The screen title is "Preparing drive for Operating System installation ..."

There seems to be disk activity on the CD and on one of the hdd's.

Please can someone tell me if this is normal or has the machine probably hung?

If it is normal, how much longer is this stage likely to take?

We have machines with more & bigger disks to build on customer sites in the near future - are they likely to take longer & is there a rough calculation I can use to determine how long this step might take?

Thanks all

Silas Murray
Regular Advisor

Re: DL380 SmartStart "Preparing Drive" stage - HOW LONG !?!!!

Hi Silas,

What Generation DL380 have you got ??. According to the following matrix the 641 goes in a G3 DL380.