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DL380 and HP MSA-1000

Emerson Lombardi Machad
Occasional Advisor

DL380 and HP MSA-1000

I have a server DL380 (Windows Enterprise Server) and a MSA1000.
This is the situation today.
2 x 73Gb SCSI Hot-Swap

6 x 72Gb SCSI Hot-Swap
(Logical A (D:\, 3 in RAID-5), Logical B (E:\, 3 in RAID-5)
3 x 300Gb SCSI Hot-Swap (W:\, Logical C - RAID-5)

Now I'll put a new 3 x 300Gb SCSI Hot-Swap, but this disks will be a replacement for the Logical A.
But I have a big problem, Logical A have a lot of shares and permissions, so I don't make a copy of data.
So I think in create a RAID-51 (logical A and Logical C) and after the mirror is OK, I put the logical A failed and done.
But I discover the MSA1000 not made a RAID51, just RAID 0,1 and 5.
My solution, add the new volume in Windows and made a Mirror (in Windows), wait the synchronization, failed logical A and done.
One more disappointment& Windows cannot convert the disk D:\ in a Dynamic-disk, and none other MSA disks, just the local disks in the DL380.

I need a solution for this& I think use ntbackup, made a backup for other volume, made a restore to new disks& But I don t like this solution, and I need some help or ideas.

Thanks a lot, best regards.