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DL380 and SuSE 8.0 hanging

Rodolfo Baselli
Occasional Visitor

DL380 and SuSE 8.0 hanging

one of my company's DL380s hangs after some weeks of work; I cannot do anything more than ping it; no console, either. It has SuSE 8.0 standard on.
The other 7 servers go on without this kind of problem. This machine is a file server, so has some smb and nfs shares, and it's connected to the backup unit (Exabyte/IBM via Adaptec 29160).
The syslog tells nothing more than time marks.
What could it be?

Thank you
Oleg Mochkin
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380 and SuSE 8.0 hanging

It is possible hardware problem, so you need to check IML - Integrated Managment Log. It can be accessed if you boot from SmartStart CD. (server maintenance -> logs ...)
BR, Oleg