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DL380 and VMware ESXi

Mario N.

DL380 and VMware ESXi

I read on the VMware site (see that HP DL380 G5 can ship with VMware ESXi pre-installed or embedded.
Is it correct?
If so, where can I locate information about the way ESXi is installed on DL380?
Is there any suggested configuration for DL380 (in terms of RAM, processors, disks, ...) to better support ESXI?
Is there any guideline to configure a DL380 serv er to better support ESXi?
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 and VMware ESXi

HP uses a internal USB port with a USB memory stick to boot ESXi from. The only way to purchaes the usb stick is at your original purchase och 90 days after it, if i don't remember wrong.

There is no exact "best-practise" for building hardware för ESXi. Depending on how big your enviroment is going to be. If you are going to build with more then one server for High Avaliblity you need to think about to not allocate to many VM's so if you loose one ESX host the others can take the load.

i would build the DL380 with 2 cpu's and 32 or 64GB memory. Also make sure that all the Nics and FC HBA's you but in is supported by VMware.

The questions about harddrives doesn't apply here as you will be running ESXi..