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DL380 default Power Supply

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DL380 default Power Supply

I have ordered several  DL380 Gen 9 (719064-b21) servers with 2 x 500W PSUs for redundancy.  Can someone tell me, which power supply is chosen to power the server while the other is held in standby?   I am assuming there is a default setting which has the server normally powering up on the PSU in bay 1 and the PSU in bay 2 is in standby?

I ask because I will have serveral of these DL380s in a system and we are trying to balance AC power by phase.  So even though the server is plugged into 2 different power strips, only one PSU is drawing any real current but I am not sure which.

thanks for the help.

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Re: DL380 default Power Supply

You can configure in BIOS (UEFI settings) how the power supplies work.

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Hope this helps!

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