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DL380 g4 black screen

Occasional Visitor

DL380 g4 black screen

After the weekend, my dl380 g4 show just black screen. I turned it off, and on again, and still black. All leds looking good, Status LED 2,3 and 8 are green. Any sugestions ??


P.S. After that, I tried to clean all server and i think that i change HDD places after that , how can i check their numbers? I can't lost my data..please help

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Re: DL380 g4 black screen



1、Change HDD bays won't cause data loss.

2、You can try the following steps to find the source problem:


You may be asked to break the server down to the minimum hardware configuration. A minimum configuration consists of only the components needed to boot the server and successfully pass POST.
When requested to break the server down to the minimum configuration, uninstall the following components, if installed:
• All additional DIMMs
Leave only the minimum required to boot the server—either one DIMM or a pair of DIMMs. For more information, see the memory guidelines in the server user guide.
• All additional cooling fans, if applicable
For the minimum fan configuration, see the server user guide.
• All additional power supplies, if applicable (leave one installed)
• All hard drives
• All optical drives (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and so forth)
• All optional mezzanine cards
• All expansion boards
Before removing the components, be sure to determine the minimum configuration for each component and follow all guidelines in the server user guide.

Wish you good luck!



Re: DL380 g4 black screen



To add to the above, First you need to make sure that server has POST. 


Refer the following document for No POST troubleshooting steps:



Go through the following document for server views and LED indicators:



Let us know once you have POST screen.

Also, how many drives installed in the server, please note This model server has Duplex SCSI backplain and based on your configuration you need to install hard dirves.  




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Re: DL380 g4 black screen

Still the same problem - blank screen :-( No connections with ILO, Lan ( but status LEDs by the LAN cards are ok ).  To Murali - I have 4 HDD . Maybe the best solution wiil be buying new server and change HDDs ?


Re: DL380 g4 black screen

This could be issue with bad system board or component. If you have similar server you may try swapping parts to isolate further. Also, please not that these SCSI hard drivers may or may not support the new server. 

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