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DL380 g9 SPP update

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DL380 g9 SPP update


I am trying to update the DL380 g9 that I have. Once It runs the analysis of the system. I get 2 optional and 1 required update. I am getting 2 different errors though. I am trying to install is 2020.09.0. Which from what I thought in reading is for gen 9 and gen 10 Proliants. How should I proceed?

First is

There is a TPM detected on this system. Saying talking about saving backup keys, but I am not using Bitlocker. System is on ESXI Machine 



Warning - The selected Firmware Baseline is not supported for the given server. It is not recommended to continue with the updates using this baseline. Please select a different supported baseline for this server.
To proceed with the updates using this baseline at your own risk, select Ignore Warnings option.

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Re: DL380 g9 SPP update

For Gen9 you need this SPP:


There is always a warning if a TPM is installed, no matter if it is used or not.

Hope this helps!

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