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DL380 gen 4, processor problems

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DL380 gen 4, processor problems

Fished me a Proliant DL380 of the 4th generation.
Brought it home, powered it up. No output on monitor, internal healt LED lights red. Opened it up, saw the CPU was not set as it should. (It was inserted but the lever to fix it was under the plastic tab, not above it. So it could be the pins were partially set in and partially not.) Setted it as it should be.
Restarted, still red light. LED on board indicates a faulty CPU. Resetted memory and VRM module just to eliminate that, result is still the same.

What else could I try?
I'm reluctant to buy a new CPU as I'm not shure if the MB itself is not faulty also. Would like to eliminate that possbility.


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Re: DL380 gen 4, processor problems

I wouldn't spend too much time with a G4 server. You get G5's already almost for free....

Does this server have only one CPU? If it has 2 then remove Nr.2 and place it in slot 1.

After your description, someone has treated that server a bit unprofessionally. Could be the CPU that's faulty or the system board.
Try to get another server to have parts to interchange and to find out what it could be.

Or junk that old bitch... :-)

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