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DL380 gen.8 + Management Agents


DL380 gen.8 + Management Agents



I'm a bit confused about what's the best options for management with the new gen.8 servers.

AFAIK HP suggests using agentless management, however from what I unserstand then SMH cannot by used?


Is this correct?

But why it is then installed by default with Pro Liant Support Pack?


Or should you install management agenst also?

AFAIK HP suggests not to use SNMP agents togehter with agentless service.

Use WMEB agents instead or drop SMH alltogehter?


I'm confused.


What would you suggest.



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Re: DL380 gen.8 + Management Agents

> SMH - Data in the SMH is all filled up using SNMP/WBEM


> AMS - Agentless management , kind of HP's management agent on gen8 servers which removes the need of SNMP/WBEM is installed and run by default on the server can be found in services.msc to start and stop. AMS passes the OS level information to ILO


> Just like SNMP and WBEM cant be installed together you cannot have SNMP and AMS running together as this means double the alerts more the confusion. 


> The reason that SMH is installed by default is from SPP/PSP is because the SPP/PSP packs are being used on earlier generation of servers which would need SMH and snmp to be active. on gen8 serves SMH will remain blank. 


> How do you decide on choosing between AMS or SNMP?

AMS still doesnt cover as many components as SNMP does but HP will get their very soon with AMS

here is a chart that compares SNMP and AMS, their is also something called as AM ( Agentless managemnt ) which is just the ILO where their are no agents watsover on the server


Page 8 has the chart which compares all three AMS / AM and SNMP



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