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DL380G2 Network Teaming problem

Ian Fraser_3
Occasional Contributor

DL380G2 Network Teaming problem

HP Network Configuration Utility v

Cisco Fast Etherchannel Team
HP NC3163 FE NIC Port 1 Slot 0 Bus 0
HP NC3134 FE NIC Port 1 Slot 3 Bus 8

Switch Assisted LB with Fault Tolerance (SLB)
Balanced on Dest IP Address

Each of the errors appear twice.

Event ID: 323
PROBLEM: A Team Member was NOT successfully added to the Team as configured. If at least one Team Member is configured in the Team, the Team will initialize (but with a lesser complement of Team Members). ACTION: Rerun the HP Network Teaming and Configuration utility to reconfigure the Team and Team Members.

Event ID 454
TEAM0: A team member does not support multiple mac addresses. Disabling Active Path.
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380G2 Network Teaming problem

Mr. Fraser,
The Active Path mechanism (INP Advanced Pack) requires the use of two MAC addresses on each teamed port. However, only HP NC series gigabit adapters support more than one MAC address on the same card.

Since you are using two NC31xx NICs (100 Mbps NICS), you are receiving this error.

I recommend that you edit the Team and uncheck Active Path on the Advanced Redundancy tab.

Best regards,