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DL380G2 and EICON S90 X25 PCI


DL380G2 and EICON S90 X25 PCI


I have a DL380 G2 and plan to use it as a WAN gateway. The card I am planning to use is a PCI (33MHz) EICON S90 WAN card.

This system is very important and I require to have 2 cards for redundancy.

This would be fine except the PCI riser on the server has 3 PCI slots (2 x 66 and 1 x 33). Herein lies my problem. The S90 is a 33MHz card and will not fit into the 66MHz slot (physically).

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: DL380G2 and EICON S90 X25 PCI

The DL380G2 has one universal PCI slot and two 3,3V PCI slots which only allow 3,3V PCI cards to be inserted. Herein lies your problem, so you might want to contact Eicon for a new card or downgrade to a G1 model.
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