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DL380G3 DISK Fail

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DL380G3 DISK Fail

- System Spec
DL380G3, System BIOS 2004/09/15
SA5i Version 2.36

- Disk Configuration
146G * 2ea (R1) : Bay 0, 1 : C Drive (OS)
146G * 2ea (R1) : Bay 2, 3 : D Drive (DATA)
36G * 2ea (R1) : Bay 4, 5 : E Drive (DATA2)

- Error Report
1. At 08:03 am, 146G disk failure in Bay 2.
-> 08:33 am, Rebuild start and completed.

2. At 09:03 pm, 36G disk failure in Bay 4.
and At 11:03 pm, 36G disk failure in Bay 5.
-> Logical Drive 3 (36G * 2ea (R1)) Failure.

- Solution
1. HP Insight Diagnostic test; Hardware Problem is nothing.
2. System Power off, disk unmount, disk mount, system power on, Logical Drive is alive.
3. 36G * 2ea disk is not failure.
4. Server is still alive no proplem.
(Disk failure, 4 days ago.)

- Question
Why disk is failure?
Is that Hardware problem? like 'SCSI Backplane' or 'Smart Array 5i Controller'.

No one would contemplate such a disk Failure happening one more time, What may I Working for Server.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: DL380G3 DISK Fail

Hello !

Please update the Firmware for the SA5i.
Latest is 2.66
(for windows)

also, you might want to check for other firmware & software & drivers.

Cheers !
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Re: DL380G3 DISK Fail

As per the above discription,it seems that only error messages are coming but drive is actually not showing faulty,
if any h/w would be faulty then that should be SCSI Backplane.
But if the Duplex cabling is configured then the Terminator also needs to be checked.
If instead of rebuilding, we have a situation of intermittent hdd crash then we should have check the Power Backplane also.

But if this is a false error message only then all the firmwares & PSP should be updated & the SCSI components should be refixed.

Hope that would help
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: DL380G3 DISK Fail


I had a similar problem on a DL380 G4, which was caused by the SCSI backplane, as others have already suggested...