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DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem

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DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem


i have a problem with DL380G3 (NC7781) ethernet card. server xeon 3.6 ghz and two embeded NC7781 nic.when i set the nic card to gigabit my connection losing but when i use to 100 mb my nic card working properly. i installed nic driver and firmware(all of them up to date) and support pack 7.
i have swaped network cable and i tried to again problem was still continue.
the problem may occur the card setting. how does be ideal gigabit network card settings.
jumbo frame,autonegotiation,tcp offload, etc.
thx for your helps,
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Re: DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem

Simple questions to get the easy stuff out of the way:

Are you using CAT5 or better cabling to the hub / switch?

Are you connecting to a Gigabit capable Hub / Switch?

Is the Hub / Switch set for using automatic or is it hard coded for 100mb?

What model of hub / switch?
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Re: DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem

hi john,

i am using CAT6 cable and gigabit switch. i think problem doesn't look like cable and switch. Server is working 100 mb without any problem.
thanks for your answer.
Neal Bowman
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Re: DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem


I would have to follow John's questions with the same. Is the switch port configured to run at 1000MHz, or is the configuration locked at 100MHz? Also, in some older switches, there have been some timing issues when both switch and NIC are set to AUTO/AUTO. Set the switch port to 1000MHZ/FULL Duplex, and set the NIC to AUTO/AUTO to see if you can establish connectivity at the 1000 connection rate. If so, then you can start adjusting the settings on the NIC to match 1000/FULL Duplex. Only make one change at a time to see which settings are successful.

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Re: DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem

hi neal,

i am not sure switch port is configured to run at 1000 Mhz.i'll check switch port configuration. if not i'll leave 1000Mhz port speed of the switch. should i do nic card settings speed auto,dublex auto? or 1000mhz/full dublex which one?
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Re: DL380G3 NC7781gigabit problem

Hi Yasin,

totally agree with Neal's post on older switches and auto negotiation problems. However, I would recommend (if you have fairly recent switches) that you setup your NIC to auto and ensure the switch port is set to same. If things are all good, then they both should auto-negotiate to Gbps speed.

Let me know how you go with that..