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DL380G3 - Raid contollers and disk throughput


DL380G3 - Raid contollers and disk throughput

What is the best RAID hardware config (controller, disks and Raid level) to get a DL380G3 to provide max disk throughput for a SQL2000 dbase. thanks in advance
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: DL380G3 - Raid contollers and disk throughput


Recomended Controllers.

Smart Array 532 Controller 225338-B21
Smart Array 5302/128 Controller 283552-B21
Smart Array 5304/256 Controller 283551-B21
Smart Array 5312 Controller 238633-B21
Smart Array 641 Controller 291966-B21
Smart Array 642 Controller 291967-B21
Smart Array 6402/128 Controller 273915-B21
Smart Array 6404/256 Controller 273914-B21

Where as configuaration is considered check attached image for mode details

PCI duplex -
All internal hard drives are split between two SCSI controllers. The embedded Smart Array 5i Plus Controller is connected up to two hard drives on one SCSI bus and the optional PCI array controller installed into an available PCI slot controls up to four hard drives on the other SCSI bus

Prashant S.
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Chanler Childs
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Re: DL380G3 - Raid contollers and disk throughput

Hmm, lots of room for creativity here.
If you really want something fast..

2 drive mirror for the OS on 1 part of the split backplane using the 5i.

Another 2 drive mirror on the backplane to a SA6402 for transaction logs. (or even raid 1+0 if you want, using 4 drives)

An external shelf (MSA-30, 4300, etc) Raid 1+0 to another SA6402 for the databases. (Could also go to a fiber channel system, replacing the SA controller with an FCA2214)

The 72GB 15k rpm drives have the best access times and transfer rates at the moment.
Doug de Werd

Re: DL380G3 - Raid contollers and disk throughput