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DL380G3: SA 5i + SA6404 or SA6404 alone


DL380G3: SA 5i + SA6404 or SA6404 alone


I want to add a SA 6404 on a DL380 G3 running W2K3, Oracle 9, SAP.

One array will be external on a storageworks dedicated to data holding, and will be connected to the 6404.

Two other arrays will be on the internal drive cage, one dedicated to the OS, the second to the programs.

Is it better to use only this new SA and then connecting the internal drive cage to the 6404 or to use the 2 SA, leaving the 5i connected to the 2 last arrays?

Thanks in advance for advices...

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Re: DL380G3: SA 5i + SA6404 or SA6404 alone

Actually you have 3 controllers in the equation since the 6404 is actually 2 two channel controllers sharing the same pci slot.
It would work either way - But few things you may want to consider
ï ° The back plane is capable of simplex and duplex and you cannot use a pci controller to connect to id 0 and id 1 when configured as duplex.
ï ° What kind of storage unit are you using? Single or dual scsi bus. Depending on what you are using you should think about future expansion as for the base 6400 controller the two channels are either internal OR exte
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!