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DL380G3 XP Pro Install driver thoughts

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DL380G3 XP Pro Install driver thoughts

I have XP Pro installed and have everything running, the array, NIC, and video are all running w/o any yellow marks in Device Manager.

However, I never ran into any mobo chipset drivers. Should there be any? My concern is that I may be missing out on some CPU processing performance.

NOTE: For a single thread numerical app, I'm getting performance with the 3.06/512 Xeons just shy of an Athlon 64 3500+ which was somewhat of a surprise. ALSO, writing to a memo box in a form in Delphi was maybe 30% slower than the 3500's. Perhaps the video driver is not the best one. Then there is the BIOS update too.

I also read in a G2 XP Pro install, that there is a fan controller that brings the fans down low after boot. The noise of fans at full bore is quite a problem where I have the server located.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
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Re: DL380G3 XP Pro Install driver thoughts

Have you tried any of the Win2003 drivers (or even win2000, NT) under XP? They usually work.〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=316529&taskId=135

If those drivers don't help, you can identify the chipset and then go the the OEM vendor (Intel?) to get XP drivers for that chipset. You can do the same with the NIC and video drivers.
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Re: DL380G3 XP Pro Install driver thoughts

So far I have always gone to the Win 2000 drivers thinking they were older than the Win Server 2003 and also because the 2003 drivers are a server version of Windows.

So that begs the question would 2003 drivers be superior to 2000 drivers?

NOTE: I was told by the software vendor (cpu numerical app) that CPU clock speed is the main factor in determining how fast it executes. However, there seems to be a significant speed up when running on a 64 bit OS which is so far unexplained.