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DL380G4 Mores Fans With Additional CPU?

Miles Davis
Occasional Advisor

DL380G4 Mores Fans With Additional CPU?


We have purchased some DL380G4's with an additional CPU. By default the server comes with 5 Fans. 4 up and the front and 1 down the back. With the additional CPU it has no fan behind it. Redunancy aside, should we also buy the optional fan kit of 3 fan if we have the additional cpu, totaling 2? Help appreciated.
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Re: DL380G4 Mores Fans With Additional CPU?


Yes, aside from the redundancy it is a "very" good idea to add the fans. There is so much heat created in these servers from the front drive cage and the processors where the more airflow the better. In fact, the default configuration for the G4 "high performance" servers (i.e., with two processors) they come with the fan kit.
HP knows these systems generate a lot of heat!

Be sure to get the fan kit asap

G'luck! -john

p.s., It won't be too long before we see ProLiant servers with a liquid cooled setup!
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Miles Davis
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL380G4 Mores Fans With Additional CPU?

Hi John, thanks for your reply. For £70 for a set of 3 fans it sounds like the suitable option to me. I find it odd that HP don't make any comments about this when adding an additional cpu. Ah well. I guess atleast when they have liquid cooling, we can just add more water!! L