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DL380G4 RAM upgrade to 12 GB

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DL380G4 RAM upgrade to 12 GB

I'm trying to upgrade the RAM of a DL380G4 (Bios P51) from 6 GB to 10 GB. At the moment this amount of memory is installed:

DIMM 01 : 2048 MB 400 MHz
DIMM 02 : 2048 MB 400 MHz
DIMM 03 : 1024 MB 400 MHz
DIMM 04 : 1024 MB 400 MHz
DIMM 05 : not installed
DIMM 06 : not installed

The server was delivered with two 1 GB RAM's (don't know the exact description) and two 2 GB RAM's (PC2-3200, 2 Rank DDR).

We bought two Kingston 4 GB kits (KTH-MLG4SR/4G, Equiv. HP/Compaq P/N 343057-B21, single ranked).

I removed two 1 GB modules and added the additional 4 x 2 GB. But either I got an error message (something about wrong DIMM configuration) or the server didn't boot at all (no beep, no bios). Even with only 4 DIMMs it didn't boot.

Following the quickspecs page, I'm not sure how I should install the 12 GB memory.

Can anyone please explain how I have to mix the old 2 rank modules and the new single rank modules to get 12 GB RAM?
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Re: DL380G4 RAM upgrade to 12 GB

Hi Ralf,

the right population is the one you already tried(the one before the last in the table "Dual Rank Support" :

Slot 1 Dual Rank 2GB
Slot 2 Dual Rank 2GB
Slot 3 Single Rank
Slot 4 Single Rank
Slot 5 Single Rank
Slot 6 Single Rank

The problem is that the ProLiants are making sometimes problems with the Kingston DIMMs.

The only thing you can try is to update the BIOS either online ir from FW CD(P51 is the ROM familym, there are different versions) :


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Re: DL380G4 RAM upgrade to 12 GB

Then I'll have to schedule a longer downtime to update the bios and try to add the RAM again. Let's see what happens...