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DL380G4 Win2003 Terminal Server

Kevin Hand
Occasional Advisor

DL380G4 Win2003 Terminal Server

We have a Windows 2003 Terminal Server with 5 x 72Gb Ultra 320 drives connected to Smart Array 6i Controller in RAID level 5 configuration

We have a problem where the entire system stops randomly for 10-15 seconds

Microsoft seem to think the problem lies with the cpqcissm driver but we are using the latest version released by HP
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Win2003 Terminal Server

Do you have any errors in event viewer and in HP integrated management log viewer?
Make sure you have last firmware (server BIOS, SmartArray, SCSI disks)
Kevin Hand
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL380G4 Win2003 Terminal Server

Nothing at all in the Integrated Management Log

Application log shows some application hang errors which we have gone through with microsoft, their experts have taken a complete crash dump and are pointing the cause to a 'locking' issue with cpqcissm.

Email from microsoft contains:

"The pause that you are seeing on the server is due to locks on the registry.

There is a thread that holds a lock to the registry, and it is writing to it. For some reason itâ s not releasing it and hence making other threads wait.

"On further analysis it was found out that the reason for its wait was because of the fact that some of the IRPâ s (Interrupt Request Packet) of cpqcissm is still waiting."

Matthijs Wijers_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Win2003 Terminal Server

You could try installing the uphclean (User Profile Hive Cleanup) service.
This could help a bit.

You say you sent a crashdump, what was the BSOD-code? Does the server crash often?