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DL380G4 repeatedly reboots (possibly after ILO firmware update)

Niklas Aldergren
Occasional Visitor

DL380G4 repeatedly reboots (possibly after ILO firmware update)

Hello, I recently installed a DL380G4 running SLES9, and the machine ran smoothly for the first 5-6 hours.

A day later we discovered the machine was spontaneously rebooting, repeteadly.

After checking the logs I realized it had been doing it for at least ten hours, at first randomly three or four times, then stabilizing and rebooting every 3-10 minutes.

I even had it happen twice before the machine actually got to booting the OS.

There's nothing in the logs, apart from the message about power being restored to ILO.

The last thing I did before leaving the machine was updating the Smart6i and ILO firmware.

I turned ASR off when I first discovered the problem, but no change. The reset counter is 0.

After checking for software problems, I removed all power and brought the system back up half an hour later, and it seems to have stabilized, but it's hard to tell so soon.
Niklas Aldergren
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380G4 repeatedly reboots (possibly after ILO firmware update)

Well, the machine sat idle for over 35 hours without incident, but within 30 minutes of me starting to work on it, it spontaneously rebooted and then started it's cycle of reboots again.

Shut it down, gave up. Calling support tomorrow.
Niklas Aldergren
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380G4 repeatedly reboots (possibly after ILO firmware update)

Even though no-one else has replied, I'll keep posting as this might help someone else in the future.

Called support today, got the advice to check all connectors inside the machine, especially the PCI riser-board and the SCSI backplane, and make sure they were seated properly as this had caused all kinds of really weird errors in the past.

If this didn't solve the problem, they would be out within one business day to switch the motherboard, which I was very happy to hear.

Well, turns out it wasn't the riser or the backplane. Instead, the motherboard power connector was not connected properly. I wouldn't say it was loose, but it was definetely not secured properly.

Fixed that, and I'm hoping that was the problem.