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DL380G4 wont throttle down


DL380G4 wont throttle down

I have a DL380 G4 that was running Win 2003 server with no issues.
I have reloaded it with 2008 and now following boot, the fans will not throttle down.
Obviously this has to do with the OS. I have installed the 2008 8.0 PSP. I checked and 2008 is listed as a supported OS for this hardware.
I am not reloading it with 2003 and will live with it running high if needed, but would prefer to have it correct. Does anyone know a fix or work around?


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Re: DL380G4 wont throttle down

Hi Chris,

on Proliants, the System ROM and the Health Agents(Advanced System Management driver) are controling the fans.

since problem appeared after the new install, seems like the agents are not doing their job.

You can try to install the new released agents 8.10 :〈=en&cc=us&idx=0&mode=4&

and update Fw with Fw Cd 8 :

If the fans are still out, maybe you will have to wait a while, while HP releases new agents(or maybe firmware) that will fix this issue...