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DL380G5 Add new Disk to Array

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DL380G5 Add new Disk to Array

Hi All,
I've got 4x146GB disks in a single array in the following config:
* 20GB Raid 1+0 (system files)
* 389 GB Raid5 (data)

windows 2003

I've got a 5th disk that i misplaced while unboxing that i'd like to add in now. but when i try to add the disk the ACU says that i can only add even disks because there's a raid1+0 in the array.

Wondering if anyone knows any way around this e.g. by moving the 389GB set to a different array so i can add in the disks?

... or should i convert the raid1+0 segment to raid5 as well, and then add the disk
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Re: DL380G5 Add new Disk to Array

well.. i can't see another way around it but to convert to raid5 and then install the next drive.

Or you reinstall your server and do 2 diffrent arrays one raid 1+0 2 disks and a raid 5 with 4 drives...