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DL380G5 Bios and Controller Update

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DL380G5 Bios and Controller Update



I've found that one of our server has a very old BIOS and Controller rom versions (y 2007), and I saw there are some updates marked as critical, so I would proceed with the update of both roms, I had check the instructions and as I understand I should first update the BIOS then the controller (P400).


The entire operation seems harmless, but I know the Murphy law is around the corner...


If I'll do, will be the first time I upgrade the roms on a server, there are some tips I should know? like have backups, use UPS, check the MD5... I don't want do a restore to another server quickly :)






Re: DL380G5 Bios and Controller Update



The procedure notified by you is correct for upgrading the firmware of the server. This should not impact the server’s performance. It is always recommended to have a valid backup as part of IT policy. After the firmware is installed, the server has to be rebooted for the updated firmware to take effect.


Also, it is recommended to have power backup by connecting to UPS. If in the event that BIOS is corrupted due to power failure while it is being updated, then the server can still be made to boot by activating redundant ROM. The following are steps to activate redundant ROM:


                i. Power down the server and remove the access panel.


                ii. Please refer to item 9 of the System board components diagram, on pages 84 and 85 of the server’s maintenance and service guide to identify the system maintenance switch. The guide is locatable at the following link:




                iii. Locate individual switches S1, S5 and S6 and set it from the default position of ‘Off’ to ‘On’. Replace the access panel and power it on. Wait till the message indicates that the server has been reset. Then power off the server, remove the power cable from the wall jack, and remove the access panel, revert the switches position back to ‘Off’ and then power it on. The server will now boot from redundant ROM


You may download and install server firmware from the following link:






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Re: DL380G5 Bios and Controller Update

TY very much Vijayasarathy, your post is very useful ;)