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DL380G5 PXE/Altiris client hand off to get DHCP IP

Ken Pensula
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DL380G5 PXE/Altiris client hand off to get DHCP IP

I have DL380 G5 servers, PXE booting to Altiris v6.8 SP1. PXE x86 Bootstrap loads, and at point where PXE validates to the Altiris server and tries to pulls a new DHCP client address, the hand off fails and that happens is a repeating message, but will not connect to Altiris:

"Registering DHCP Client Service retry 1, 2, 3...".

I use this tool all the time on older servers using PXE 2.0 and imaging works perfectly, but with these new machines using PXE 2.1 it does not work.
In the PXE log files I see a missmatch packet error. But not sure this is an issue since PXE is working and connecting to the tftp server to pull the bootstrap.
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Re: DL380G5 PXE/Altiris client hand off to get DHCP IP

Sounds like missing or wrong network driver for dl380 G5 nic in the Boot image from the Altiris server.


the first time you get an DHCP Address during PXE it's the local PXE "firmware" responsible for the driver used. bot when you have downloaded the boot image from Altiris PXE server and tries to boot it. Then the Image needs to contain a valid driver for the hardware.


Is DL380 G5 supported with your current HP insight control Deployment solution (Used to be called Rapid deployment)?