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DL380G5, SAS Drive LEDs

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DL380G5, SAS Drive LEDs



this is my first post in these "new" communities - not sure that they are progress from the old ones, I  can't find anyithing anymore!  But here goes..... 


I have purchased a "second user" DL380G5.


System now has 32GB RAM and 4x146GB SAS Drives and ESXi 4.1 installed (with a single Windows 2003 Virtual Machine).

I have 2 disks set up as a RAID1 System disk (datastore1) and 2 disks as a RAID 1 (datastore2), thoiugh this is currently unused. 


I have a strange problem with the drive LEDs - the system appears to be working normally, the drives appear to be working, but the system disks have no green LEDs on - either steady or flashing. The other array has the green LEDs on solid (there is obiously no activity on the disks as nothing is configured to use them). The Blue LEDs appear to work as expected.


My question is, can this be a software problem, or is it likely to be the really low probability scenario of two LEDs faling?


Any advice would be really appreciated,






Re: DL380G5, SAS Drive LEDs

>I can't find anything anymore!


Have you tried a forum search?


If you use google, just add "".


Re: DL380G5, SAS Drive LEDs



I doubt whether this is a software issue (ESXi 4.1), probably there is is a issue with firmware or the SAS drive back-plane not sure this very strange issue. Check the below HP Advisory link if that throws a light on the issue.


I would suggest to contact the HP support center.



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