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DL380G5 Server intermittent hang issue on shutdown

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DL380G5 Server intermittent hang issue on shutdown



I have an issue with all my DL380G5 servers where they intermittently hang on shutdown.  Our servers are rebooted weekly by scheduled task.  Effectively, the windows background is visible (just blank) and I need to power cycle server to get it back.  I have installed the latest HP Support Pack and firmware but this didn't resolve.  Issue is occuring on around 40 servers so its not a hardware problem.  Servers are running Windows 2003 R2 with SP2.


Has anyone seen this before?




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Re: DL380G5 Server intermittent hang issue on shutdown

I see that this is a pretty old post, but by chance did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem now on essentially the same config shown above with every server since the HP System Managment Homepage (SMH) installed. 

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: DL380G5 Server intermittent hang issue on shutdown

What iLO2 firmware version do you have?


There is a known issue with the old Windows 2003 UHCI driver and Microsoft doesn't support it anymore. if iLO2 goes for a reboot, the driver could potentially hang waiting forever for the iLO2 Virtual Keyboard and Mouse to come back.  

You can prove that this is the same issue by forcing a crash dump when Windows is hung on shutdown and then examine the crash dump using WinDBG.


In iLO2 version 2.05, we kinda "workaround" this issue by trying not to upset the driver when iLO2 goes for a reboot.


in iLO2 version 2.15 we went a step further and added the option to switch between 'UHCI and 'System USB' for Virtual KB/Mouse on all G5/G6.  So, if you switch your iLO2 Virtual KB/Mouse to System USB, Windows UHCI driver is only going to handle UHCI traffic when you mount Virtual Media.


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