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DL380G5 cpu upgrade problem

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DL380G5 cpu upgrade problem


I am upgrading a very old webserver DL380G5 5150 performance model from a dualcore xeon 5150 to a xeon e5450 only I have problems getting it to work. The server boots but won't post.

I have found that the serial number from this motherboard should be able to work with this cpu.

I tried 2 e5450 together and I tried them apart, I switched the vrm's, but it won't post.

Does anybody know what could be the problem? Could it be both xeon e5450 cpu's are death? The bios is from 04-06-2007.

And yes this antique server is enough for my application, it's 10 years old but runs great, only a little bit more cpu would be great.