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DL380G6 Bios Console port acess configuration


DL380G6 Bios Console port acess configuration

Does anyone know where to find information on how to configure the DL380G6 servers for console port access to the bios etc.? I have an Advocent console server and would like to setup access.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380G6 Bios Console port acess configuration

Hi, do you mean something like this? Access to the server so you can get into BIOS remotely?

In the HP-servers you can do that from scratch, just log on to the iLO interface. This is an ethernet interface, you just need to connect that to the network and surf to the website. Username/password/ip address/hostname and such should be written on a note on/inside the server.

Maybe the advocent console can use this iLO interface to setup the console access? Haven't used this Advocent myself. Is it this one?


Re: DL380G6 Bios Console port acess configuration

Johan G,

Thanks for the info. I could be incorrect, but I was under the impression that the iLo was a stand alone interface that was not designed to work with anything other then a web browser.

What I want am looking for is access to the BIOS and/or POST during bootup via my console server so I can manage remote PXE installs. I currently have OS level access using the serial port to my console server.

The Avocent console server I have is the ACS 6048:


The ACS6048 integrates both console based devices and the Avocent PDU's so I can monitor and control everything from one place. I am running Linux I didn't go the KVM route since my servers don't run X,

I didn't purchase the advanced iLo licenses and decided to go the console server route.

I have found some old documentation on the serial port configuration, but its 5 years old and I am not sure how much of it supports the current hardware.

Honored Contributor

Re: DL380G6 Bios Console port acess configuration


you can use the temp license for ilo2 advanced pack till you are setup :)

this way all the post is seen :)