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DL380G6 Smartstart installation issue

Occasional Advisor

DL380G6 Smartstart installation issue

Hi everybody,
maybe someone has the same problem.
I'm trying to set up a brand new DL380G6 with Windows Server 2003 R2 using Smartstart 8.30 CD remotely through an iLO connection.
I've created a logical drive on a RAID 1 and provided with all the information (partition size, licensing info etc.) and when the program starts to format the disk, the installation hangs with a strange error (see the attached picture).
I have no chance to install the OS using SS cd.
Does anybody have any suggestion?

Occasional Advisor

Re: DL380G6 Smartstart installation issue

As I had to set up the new server urgently, I decided to install Windows without Smartstart, and apply the PSP afterwards.
I did so but I received another strange warning message regarding the Smart Array controller status, so I noticed that the installed firmware version was 2.00 and a newer one was available (2.50).
After updating the SA FW everything was fine, so I guess that the smartstart problem was due to a bug in the firmware version.