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DL380G6 faulty clock?

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DL380G6 faulty clock?

We have several DL380G6 units in house but only one has entered production and of course it's the only one exhibiting the problem. The time is set to sync with our Domain controller and following a reboot the time will be correctly synced up. In less than a day the time will be 3 minutes off. A couple hours later it may only be 2.5 minutes off. It varies all over during the course of the day and falls out of sync fast enough that windows time refuse to sync under the normal sync. We have to reset the clock manually. This is not a good condition but it's hard to believe that the clock could be THIS bad on a new server. Any suggestions to check? I'm looking into forcing it to sync time with our DC much more often to try to keep it in check. (The DC syncs online and no other server has trouble keeping in time with it)

Domain is a Windows 2003 domain and the DL380G6 is running Windows 2003 Enterprise 64bit.