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DL380G6 performance problems on W2003R2SP2

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DL380G6 performance problems on W2003R2SP2

Hi @ all.

We've got two DL380G6 HP ProLiant servers in our network, acting as PDC and BDC on Win2003R2SP2 Enterprise Edition. Additional HP machines: 1 x DL380G5 (mailserver)

The second DL380G6 which is acting as a BDC has a strange performance problem. It runs fine after a fresh reboot but after a few hours the machine sometimes needs minutes for network responses or freezes for minutes when a file search is done.

Before I proceed with further details, here are the system specs:

- ProLiant DL380G6, 2 x XEON E5506, 6GB RAM
- SmartArray P410i with 512MB and BBWC
- 8 x HP SAS 2.5" 10k 146GB HDD, combined in a single RAID 50 array
- 4 x NC382i, acting as "combo" in a HP NetworkTeam (SLB with TCP Connection as TLMB)
- firmware and drivers of all hardware components are up to date, including all Win updates
- installed and running software: Acronis True Image Echo Server, SyncToy 2.1 (< only syncs 3 little files every 30 minutes), ClamWin
- firewall is disabled
- no shielded antivirus software
- HP system management

Servers features: AD (DC), DNS, WINS, Fileserver

All servers are connected to a ProCurve 2824. As mentioned above the ports are combined in Trunks.

An example of our problem: one user tries to open a file from a share of the machine mentioned above (all clients run on XP Pro x32 SP3 or XP Pro x64 SP2) but nothing happens for 30 seconds or even up to two minutes. During that time the explorer.exe will freeze the whole client system (funny feature). Every user who's connected to this server will get the same problem during that time. After an unpredictable period the server is responding again and everything runs fine for a few minutes or hours (opening shares, searching folders, writing files, etc.), it's not predictable.

The "funny" thing is: if I log on to this server directly and will start a file search the error I described above will also occur. The server itself freezes but the task manager shows nothing (2-4% system load)...

What I've allready done:

- searched the server for spyware (rootkits, worms, etc.), found nothing
- DCDIAG including all tests ran fine
- changed network cables, no result
- switch reboot, no result/effect
- ran array utility, nothing found

Windows' event logs show absolutely nothing. No errors, no warnings, no entries from HP's system tools. Also the iLO log files only contain the usual entries (reboot after updates, admin login, etc.), nothing special.

The one and only real error we had was a SMART error on one of the HDDs. The drive was replaced a few weeks ago (we bought the server in December 2009). But the problems I mentioned occured before AND after the drive failed.

Does anybody have another hint or clue?




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Re: DL380G6 performance problems on W2003R2SP2

I was going to initially recommend that you should try disabling the Nic Teaming but since you are having the issue while logged on to the machine I guess that should exclude the Nic teaming.

Also, I'd suggest that you fully update the machine firmware using the latest HP firmware DVD. There are updates for the controller and the disks themselves that may be necessary.

Aslo have you tried any I/O benchmarks, if the I/O of the raidset is ok then you should look for O/S misconfiguration like DNS, etc..

hope this helps
Joshua Small_2
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Re: DL380G6 performance problems on W2003R2SP2

There's a lot that could be wrong with this picture.

Firstly a PDC and BDC are concepts that don't exist in OSs since before Windows 2000.

Freezes in the way you decribe often happen when a server or desktop has an invalid drive mapping. I would start by checking every single drive mapping is operational.

If you have mappings to a non existent server, or a mapping to a shared CD-ROM drive (which is a slow access medium), you can see exactly the issues you describe.

I know you mentioned you ran DCDIAG, but double check both servers and every desktop have no reference any where to any DNS server but your two domain controllers.

Finally, I would run a chkdsk /f and just make sure there is no file system corruption that is causing a freeze when the relevant folder is accessed.