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DL380G6 with 72GB RAM slow to boot

Occasional Contributor

DL380G6 with 72GB RAM slow to boot


My Proliant DL380 G6 with 72GB RAM is very slow (around two minutes) to display a POST screen after power-on - is this normal ?
Can the boot be speeded up in any way ?
Other similar configs behave the same way.

Many thanks in advance
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL380G6 with 72GB RAM slow to boot

all the G6 servers are very slow at POST, takes arround 30 secs to display just the HP logo.
you have a lot of memory, and the first thing the power on self test (POST) does is to test the memory.
theres a new BIOS version that speeds it up a little and have a progess bar on top.

just as a test, try reducing the memory to a couple of sticks and compare boot times...