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[DL380G7] Defective 10pin power connector

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[DL380G7] Defective 10pin power connector


I have a DL380G7 with a deffective 10 pin power connector. I shoudl have 12v between pin 1 and 2 ; and between pin 4 and 5, but I only have 300mv. Something is fried, is there anywhere else I can safely draw 12A ? I don't want to buy a replacement board because of this.


EDIT : The second connector is used to power drives in the SFF configuration of this server. How are you supposed to power pcie addons in this configuration ? If you can't, what's the point of having 1500W of power supply (even 750W redundent) ? Nevermind it's for efficeincy...


Re: [DL380G7] Defective 10pin power connector



This needs to investigated further, kindly open a ticket with HPE Support.

Do reply with the ticket number once it ready


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