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DL380G7 Slow Network \NICs


DL380G7 Slow Network \NICs


I have several DL380G7s which are used in a VMware test lab.

One of my DL380s NICs, has extremely slow Network speeds and seems to mimmic all the problems I found from an older post from here:

The Problem:
Network traffic speeds are slow, around 200kbs. The traffic seems to jump from Zero to 200 Kbs and than backto zero and repeats this ever few seconds.

The problem is constant whether I use the onboard NICs or an enternal card like the HP HSTNS-BN50 Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter Card or the HP NC375T.

I've done obvious steps i can think of, such as wipped the OS from ESXi and installed Win2016, I've tried updating drives for the NICs with what I can find on HPs site and the problem is the same.

A work around from the post of the URL above was too: 

Disabling LRO functionality by setting either of the following settings in the NIC properties under the Advanced tab:

  • Large Receive Offload: Disabled - (Can't find this function LRO on Win2016)

  • TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Tx Only or
    Down grade the NIC drivers to or to - which I can't find on HPs website
    Download this driver: HP QLogic P3P Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2008 x64 Editions
    Version: (B) (Optional).

Anyone have any suggesstions? This is the only server out of the batch of servers I have that is doing this.



Re: DL380G7 Slow Network \NICs


As this is a stand alone server very few tthing we can think of, you can try following steps which are mentioed in older post. 


Update the driver, which you have already tried.

Please check the exteral switch from which connected to the server. Check that switch ports. 


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Re: DL380G7 Slow Network \NICs


Thank you for the reply.
The problem is consistant with muliple managed and unmanaged switches. The problem also continues with with new cat6 cables, which leads me to think it is the server, firmware, drivers, ect.

In the post I referrenced,  the solutions they found was to roll back to the  driver HP QLogic P3P Multifunction Driver for Windows and or to upgrade to (B) (Optional).

Where can I find these drivers on HP's website - as I couldn't find them.

Lastly, those drivers seemed to be packaged for Win2008. Does HP have just the files so they be ran on 2012R2 or 2016?

Thank you.


Re: DL380G7 Slow Network \NICs