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DL380G7 no port found

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DL380G7 no port found

Dear HP,

We use a DL380G7, and in the device manager of windows 7 64 pro, there is no port information.


We followed HP ProLiant Servers - Serial Port Is Not Working and Serial Devices Are Not Working Properly and did the change accordingly (iLO Serial CLI Status to disabled, BIOS Serial Console Port to Disabled, rebooted several times to verify the change was indeed made), but still cannot find ports.

What should we do to test if anything was wrong? What is the serial port’s corresponding hardware? And do we need to download any driver for that?




Re: DL380G7 no port found

Hello @iBelieveInHPC.

Hope you have resolved your issue already, but maybe some ideas will be helpful if problem exists still:

1. Seems serial device is not installed in device manager, so maybe you need to install driver for it.

2. Also sure that Windows 7 is not tested and supported on Proliant. So for test purposes you can try some server revision.

Thank you!

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