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DL380Gen8 with win2008 W32 - working system management homepage

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DL380Gen8 with win2008 W32 - working system management homepage

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to install Windows 2008 W32. I cannot use HP intelligent provisioning because it know 64bit systems only.

My HW DL380 gen8

SW Windows 2008 W32

Target: working all HP services like after installation with HP inteligent provisioning. Working System management homepage, HP insight agents and others. 

After installation of windows and installing drivers using HP SPP, nothing works. These tools need to configure what makes HP intelligent provisioning. 

Are there any documents describing how to manually set up these services?

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Re: DL380Gen8 with win2008 W32 - working system management homepage



Please install SNMP and configure it. The SMH should works after that.

For Wbem - check/configure the WMI service.





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Re: DL380Gen8 with win2008 W32 - working system management homepage



While doing the installtion using SPP, you will get a screen as attached ( which shows 8 components that can be configured before deployment).


Click on the  HP System Management Homepage for Windows x86, the Configure button will be highlighted.


Click on the Configure button and Configuration Wizard for the HP System Management Homepage Component will be available.


You may follow  the steps mentioned in page number - 45 in below guide.



Then continue the installation after the configuration. Also make sure that SNMP services are enabled.


Or if you would like to manually configure all the sesstings, you will need to download the SMH setup file




I am an HP employee.

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Re: DL380Gen8 with win2008 W32 - working system management homepage

Hi here is my steps to install win W32 without HP intelligent provisioning with working HP System management homepage

thank you Renjiv


install win

Start/administrative tools/server manager / Features - Add Features check SNMP Services.

Next - Install - close

Start/administrative tools/Services.

SNMP service/properties / security first Add.. and write 4R0CK4LYP53 (or probably what you like) Add OK

copy drivers Service pack proliant SPP to some temp folder a run \hp\swpackages\hpsum.exe

Next / Configure Components

click HP insight Management WBEM Providers for Windows Server / Configure / fill

Administrator / Save

System management homepage for windows x86 / configure /Next do Group name fill Administrators 

a klik na Add / Next / Next / Select Trust all / Next/ Next/ Finish

HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server/ Configure / Save

OK /Next

we are in step Select target, select row localhost/edit target/ fill 

administrator/"password" a click OK wait Next


Select Components, select HP insight Management Agents . If you need WBEM so select wbem too.

OK / Install

Reboot now/ OK/ OK