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DL380P Gen 8 PCI expansion problem/question.

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DL380P Gen 8 PCI expansion problem/question.

I am buulding out a 380G8 and need 4 open PCIe slots to accomodate the following in the primary pci riser position (slot 1): 1 x16 double-wide GPU installed on the double-wide PCI riser kit , this kit yields 2 x16 slots but you lose one due to the width of the gpu.  That eliminates using the primary pci bus for any other cards, but I still have need for : 1  x16 slot for a quad m.2 ssd raid card, 1 x4 slot for a USB 3.0 card and 1 x4 slot for a SATA III adapter. I do have a secondary pci riser kit (used on slot 2), it's for another double wide gpu so has 2 x16 slots, one short of what I need. The stock riser for the primary pci bus has 3 slots, can I use this on the secondary pci bus? I once attempted to use the gpu riser kit for slot 2 on slot 1, but BIOS recognized this and halted booting, warning me that it was intended for slot 2. I can't seem to find any riser kits for the secondary (slot 2) position with 3 PCI slots on it. Please help!

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Re: DL380P Gen 8 PCI expansion problem/question.



You can upgrade your server with following options:

Upgradeability: Optional 3 slot riser (x16, x8, x8), or 2 slot (x16, x16)

Please look at Quick Specs at : Expansion Slots section and HP Unique Options section:

There are a lot of information how to equipe server with additional PCI riser;




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