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DL380P Gen8 Graphics Card

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DL380P Gen8 Graphics Card


We are trying to run two graphics card on a DL380P Gen8 with 2x E5-2690v1 and 2x 1200W power supplies. We bought the 662525-001 PCI Risers as well as the molex adapters to plug the power into the card. For the graphics card, we bought 2x Nvidia Quadro M5000. The server is running Windows Server 2019. 

We have encountered two problems.

First of all, the graphics card do not seem to be detected by the system. Plugging in a monitor will do nothing, during booting as well as when Windows is booted. Installing a driver is not possible, as the nvidia installer says it cannot detect a graphics card.

Second, we are only capable of installing the graphics card in the secondary riser slot. Installing the graphics card in the primary slot gives an error at boot that the riser is not compatible with the slot it was put in (the primary slot).  If the problem is the PCI riser, is there any that are compatible with the primary slot that have space for a graphics card ? 

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Re: DL380P Gen8 Graphics Card


As checked in the Server Quickspecs , this Configuration is not a Supported one.

> HP ProLiant DL380p  (Gen8) - QuickSpecs ( Pease refer to page 42 for Supported Graphic Cards)

> Also the operating system (Windows Server 2019. ) is not supported on DL380p  (Gen8) , please find the below link for reference :


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Re: DL380P Gen8 Graphics Card

Hi everyone, I have incidently installed a low grade card Geforce GT730, and it works fine. However it will not accept GT710? I don't know why. It remains to be seen if the GT1030 will be successful. I haven't tried it yet. For streaming I don't think you need a powerful card, but for content creation you might need to go after the Quadro K4000/5000/6000.