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DL380R04 Debian Raid monitoring

Yves Smolders
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DL380R04 Debian Raid monitoring


I know that Debian (or Ubuntu...) has CCISS drivers, which can access the smartarray RAID on HP Proliant servers.

However, I have no clue on how to monitor these raids for possible disk crashes and other RAID problems under Debian. Does anyone have a solution for this?

We're thinking of running DL380's with Debian or Ubuntu as

Finanny, HP announced support for Debian - does this mean we'll be able to download .deb software soon, just like we can download RPMs now?
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Re: DL380R04 Debian Raid monitoring

Hello Yves,

Incase you have'nt checked this thread,

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Re: DL380R04 Debian Raid monitoring

Download HPASM and HPSMH utilities (in deb format) and install with dpkg -i xxx.deb .
You can browse the insight home page http://:2381 and check the storage section. you can monitor the RAID status there.
Online raid configuration utilities for debian are not yet released.