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DL380R05 won’t boot. Fans running full speed

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DL380R05 won’t boot. Fans running full speed

Hi there,


I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with the HP DL380R05 server. The server suddenly went down with no warming. This server is offsite so originally I logged on through ILO and tried to establish a remote view of the server. The screen came up black and the only power option available to me were to hold down the power button or momentarily press the power button. I could not get the server to reboot remotely so I visited the site.


When I arrived the fans were running at full speed constantly (like they would when you turn a server on). The internal health light was red, the external health light was green and the large power light was orange indicating it was in standby. Powering off and on the server just produced the same issue immediately and there is no signal on the monitor during power on.


No changes have been made to the hardware prior to this happening.


I am aware this doesn’t not narrow the issue down much, but this all the information I have :(.



Obviously this going to be hardware related. Does anybody have any ideas what the most likely cause would be?


Many thanks,


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Re: DL380R05 won’t boot. Fans running full speed

HP Guided troubleshooting could be handy to you in this situation. Have you tried it ?


An Internal Health LED being Amber indicates that there could be an issue with internal hardware component(s) of the server. Open the server casing to inspect the LEDs and their statuses for the internal components to indentify the source of the problem. Refer to the server documentation for more information on LEDs


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