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Riki McLanachan
Occasional Contributor


Hi there,

I've got a DL380R1 Server with no SCSI hard drives and I was hoping to connect a standard IDE hard drive to it and load up XP just so I could run some tests on the hardware and see what is working and what isn't.

When it turns on it detects the RAM and CPU fine, then it says SCSI Bios not installed, and runs through various slots, I presume trying to find hard drives, and eventually comes up with a message saying Non system disk replace and hit any key.

At no point is there any message saying "Hit Del to enter setup" or "hit f10 to enter setup" or that kind of thing, which I am used to from regular desktops.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can change the boot order so I can boot from the CD-ROM?

Failing that, any tips on how to test the hardware while lacking hard drives?

I understand the IDE drive can never be bootable in a DL380R1, is that correct?