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DL380e Gen8 - Force Cold Boot

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DL380e Gen8 - Force Cold Boot

I'm using my DL380e Gen8 as a FreeNAS server.  Occasionally it reboots duringn the night.  I have yet to discover the exact reason, but instead of coming up as it should the warm-boot doesn't work with the USB device plugged into the mother board (just in front of CPU2).

Powering down and restarting it comes up properly.

I don't know if I saw the option for reboot in my DL380 Gen7 or another server.  But somewhere it gave the option of cold boot.

Is that configurable here ?



Re: DL380e Gen8 - Force Cold Boot

Is there any specific reason to keep the USB connected on the System Board?

Is there any other server which works fine with similar setting?

Try to disable USB Drive Key Enumeration option in the BIOS

Try to test the server by disabling the USB Boot option from the BIOS

Write back with an update.

Thank you

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