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DL380e Gen8 ILO and health problems

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DL380e Gen8 ILO and health problems

Hello everyone.

I have recently purchased a used HP Proliant DL380e Gen8 server, but I'm unable to start it. It powers on, all FANs are running, but nothing more. The health LED blinks red, indicating a critical error. I tried to identify the problem with embedded iLO module, but unable to connect to it, because it doesn't acquires an IP from DHCP. Can anyone help with resolving this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Re: DL380e Gen8 ILO and health problems

If Server No POST /NO Video issue and iLO is inaccessible. then perform the below activity to rule out hardware failure component.

Break the server down to the minimum hardware configuration

A minimum configuration consists of only the components needed to boot the server and successfully pass POST.

To break the server down to the minimum configuration, uninstall the following components, if installed:

  • Remove power cable from power supplies.
  • All additional DIMMs

Leave only the minimum required to boot the server—either one DIMM or a pair of DIMMs.

  • All additional power supplies, if applicable (leave one installed)
  • All hard drives
  • All optical drives (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and so forth)
  • All expansion boards
  • Disconnect all cables except power cable to system board.
  • Power on the server and verify all the component one by one (second processor, power supply and rest DIMM's).

 Post breaking the server down to the minimum hardware configuration, if still issue continued then issue will be with one of the minimum hardware configuration components.(ie. System board, DIMM, Processor or power supply).

If you have care pack for server please raise a support ticket with HPE.


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